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Your Partner for Accountability and Getting Shit Done

Hi, I’m Kyle Christensen and I’m not your typical leadership or executive coach. In fact, to help you launch your business by shattering the frustrating glass ceiling that keeps you stuck, I might just bring my baseball bat with accountability written on it to your next leadership meeting. That ought to get the job done.

Sure, I’ve trained in the formal ways too as a certified pinnacle business guide, co-founder of the largest MSP software consulting firm, and former entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) implementer, and sure that can work…but I’ve learned that my unique approach works better without so much B.S. jargon, confusing plans, boring long-winded business meetings, and so on.

You’re proud of your business, you probably spent years dreaming, building, and growing it. But now you need help. I act as a partner, as an extension of your team because I know how much your business means to you. Together, we can achieve greatness.

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Why the Hell Should I Trust You with My Business?

I could tell you about my IT business management experience, certifications, blah blah blah…like everyone else, but you don’t care about that. Nope, all you care about is having someone on your side that drives results for you, your leadership, and your business. And that’s why you should trust me…because that’s what I care about too.

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I have been proud to serve there as the COO and Executive Coach using my skills as a former EOS® Implementer. What drives my work as a coach is my sincere desire to see others succeed. If you’re willing to work past the obstacles and push yourself beyond the norm, you’ll see amazing results.

It is through these endeavours that I continue to respect those who decide to blaze their own path. The coaching, writing, and plans that I have built are only catalysts for creating better lives and people. I have gained a greater appreciation for accountability and mentorship and how it can drive individuals to do great things and bring upon a new and improved self-appreciation – becoming the ultimate version of themselves.

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Everything starts with an idea, issue, or need and it takes a certain level of initiative, that nagging urge to act, to create something great from this beginning. This is my passion. Let’s set up a call to discuss your goals, lessons learned so far, the journey ahead, and what’s holding you back. Even if my services aren’t for you, we can learn and share some game-changing ideas. When you’re ready to level up, I’m here to lead the way.

Here are some of the results I can offer:

  • Average 15% Increased Margins within 6 months

  • 2X-3X Operational Maturity for every organization I’ve worked with

  • Minimum 20% Annual Growth Rate

  • Increased efficiency, lower stress, and leadership clarity and inspiration


But don’t just take it from me, check out what my clients say:

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Greg Bibeau - Terminal B
"Kyle has had a profound impact on the maturation of my firm. His insight into the MSP industry and experience in the practical application of various frameworks has shaved years off our own efforts. Kyle has empowered me and my leadership team to turn strategic intent into reality. I recommend him without reservation."
"In a pivotal moment in our business, Kyle helped us turn our thoughts into action. He provided us with a safe space to work through our ideas and implemented a structure that allowed us to execute at a higher level.

I’d recommend Kyle to anyone looking to level up their business and have a partner in working through scale."
Rob Cromer - Aisle 3
Chris Wilson - Sierra Front Group
"Highly recommend Kyle! He helped me and my business go from where I was to making money and choosing the best ways for the business to continue moving forward. He always has the answers when questions come up."
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